Technical Talk: XAG/USD 22-10-2018

Metals Price Forecast October 4, 2018 – Will Silver Outperform Gold As Interest Rates Rise? Our preference: short positions below 14.5800 with targets at 14.4200 & 14.3300 in extension.Alternative scenario: above 14.5800 look for further upside with 14.6400 & 14.6900 as targets.

Silver -0.07% breaks the trend line before breaking “the high”, I would look to buy it to break “the high”. Pattern wise it can break that high and drop back down making a more complex flat pattern,or it can just continue up to the equal length to 1.236 extension zone. But I do see another buy coming.
See the 200MA and buy zone.

Subject –
Silver Prices have been followed for centuries.
Silver (XAG) is a precious metal used in jewelry, silverware, electronics, and currency.Silver prices are widely followed in financial markets around the world.Silver has been traded for thousands of years and was once used for currency backing.Silver continues to be one of the most commonly traded commodities today. Silver prices are highly volatile due to speculation and supply and demand.Ag is the chemical symbol for silver on the periodic table of elements and its ISO currency symbol is XAG.

Technical Talk: USDJPY 19-10-2018

USDJPY downside would remain vulnerable while 112.74 pivot caps
Our preference: long positions above 112.35 with targets at 112.75 & 113.00 in extension.Alternative scenario: below 112.35 look for further downside with 112.15 & 111.95 as targets.

How we can trade on this chart.

1. On lower time frame price is still pushing for up side and it can push up for couple of more pips. So if you will sell without understanding the price action then your entry will be early and you can get stopped out before you see reversal. So what you should do you should watch the top and should look for 1st impulse if you see that is coming out then join thet if not then wait for that to appear.

2. Let it fall from the cliff -31.36% and then watch for the correction and then sell.

Technical Talk: WTI/USD 18-10-2018

WTI Oil Extension of Wed’s strong fall eyes daily cloud base
Our preference: downside prevails as long 69.48 with targets at 68.29 & 6640 in extension.Alternative scenario: above 69.48 look for further Upside with 71.32 & 72.83 as targets.

OIL Trend Conitunation Trade: The EIA Data pushed the price down and break important structure. Therefore we can sell the pull back to catch the next bearish move. Ideal Entry : 70.50 TP: 66.50

The energy sector has been whipsawed by headlines lately, and many investors can’t decide whether to buy or sell oil stocks.
When oil (CLX8) raced up to a new 52-week high of more than $76 to start October, many thought things looked great.Then as U.S. oil supplies rose and as OPEC production rose, things didn’t look so hot.

Technical Talk: GBP/USD 17-10-2018

GBP/USD tumbles to session lows, inching closer to 1.3100 handle
Our preference: downside prevails as long 1.3166 with targets at 1.3114 & 1.3062 in extension.Alternative scenario: above 1.3114 look for further Upside with 1.3166 & 1.3234 as targets.

Any subsequent fall below the 1.3100 handle is likely to find support near the 1.3080 region, below which the pair seems all set to aim towards testing the key 1.30 psychological mark.On the flip side, mid-1.3100s now seems to act as an immediate resistance, which if cleared might assist the pair to make a fresh attempt towards conquering the 1.3200 handle.

Technical Talk: AUD/CHF 16-10-2018

AUD/CHF rebound towards Potential bullish sentiment
Our preference: rebound towards 0.7359.
Alternative scenario: below 0.6892, expect 0.6723 and 0.6623.

A one-month ascending channel has guided the Australian Dollar 0.46% higher against the Swiss Franc -1.65% . This upside wave started after the currency pair reversed from the lower boundary of the channel at 0.6874 on September 10.
Currently, a support cluster formed by the weekly, the monthly PPs 9.96% and the combination of the 50– and 100-hour SMAs near the 0.7034 region was providing a significant support for the pair.
If this support cluster holds, the AUD/CHF 0.07% currency exchange rate could target the next swing high at 0.7124 during the following trading sessions.
However, if the price breaches the cluster as mentioned earlier, the rate will aim at the bottom border of the channel pattern at 0.6993 within this session.

Technical Talk: AUDUSD 15-10-2018

AUDUSD Outlook: Fresh recovery looks for break through Fibo barrier at 0.7145Our preference: short positions below 0.7120 with targets at 0.7095 & 0.7080 in extension.Alternative scenario: above 0.7120 look for further upside with 0.7130 & 0.7140 as targets.

Technical Talk: NZDUSD 11-10-2018

NZDUSD Daily HFT Trade Setup at HFT selling zone!
Our preference: long positions above 0.6496 with targets at 0.6517 & 0.6537 in extension.Alternative scenario: below 0.6469 look for further downside with 0.6452 & 0.6435 as targets.

Potential technical rebound in short term in pattern….
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Technical Talk: USD/CAD 10-10-2018

USD/CAD bullish above 1.3080 – Commerzbank
Our preference: long positions above 1.2960 with targets at 1.3015 & 1.3050 in extension.Alternative scenario: below 1.2960 look for further downside with 1.2930 & 1.2910 as targets.

We were watching price action last week for sell on the USDCAD 0.09%
but it was forming lower time frame correction and was keep pushing for upside. It is still in the short term correction which can break up and can form one more short term bullish wave. if so then how you can trade on this chart

Technical Talk: AUD/USD 09-10-2018

AUD/USD: holding on to modest weekly gains, at risk of breaking lower
Our preference: short positions below 0.7070 with targets at 0.7035 & 0.7010 in extension.Alternative scenario: above 0.7070 look for further upside with 0.7090 & 0.7115 as targets.

Australian Business Confidence rose in September, Business Conditions also improved, according to NAB’s survey.
US equities continue refusing to give up to risk aversion, limiting dollar’s gains.

Technical Talk:NZD/CAD 08-10-2018

NZD/CAD is the abbreviation for the New Zealand Dollar and Canadian Dollar Our preference: the downside prevails as long as 0.8511 is resistance.
Alternative scenario: above 0.8511, look for 0.8677 and 0.8775.

It shows how much the NZD (base currency) is worth as measured against the CAD (counter currency).
For example, NZD/CAD = 0.9391 indicates that one New Zealand Dollar can buy 0.9391 Canadian Dollars.